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Want to move better with some personal help and attention? Book a private class. Learn about your movement patterns, any imbalances you may have, work around injuries, pre-natal or post-partum specifics and help your posture with some personal attention to detail.  Private classes can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes or an hour.  Take the time to ask questions about your body, learn alternatives and modifications that suit your needs and get personalized feedback to help you move better for life and keep you happily and sustainably doing the activities that bring you joy.


In Person:

One on One Class

30 minutes $40

45 minutes $60

1 hour $75

On Zoom:

One on One

30 minutes $30

45 minutes $45

1 hour $60

Small Group Private Class (up to 5 people)

In Person:

45 Minutes $75

60 Minutes $90

Large Group Private Class (up to 10 people)

In Person:

45 Minutes $90

60 Minutes $105

Why is a private class with Lindsay different?

When you book a private class with Lindsay, it's a class tailored to your needs. If you're an athlete (or gym enthusiast) think of it as cross training (education and personalized movement) to help you move in ways that keep you mobile and with less pain and recovery time so you can continue to enjoy your movement hobbies, tasks and life in general. For example, if you are an avid cyclist, Lindsay will help you cross train with hip strength and mobility to balance out the movement demands of cycling. Most exercise, sports and physical hobbies (running, hiking, etc) all have our body moving in the sagittal plane, (flexion, extension) to counterbalance that, she will help you learn to do movements in the frontal plane (abduction and adduction) to keep the body better balanced and less prone to injury from overuse. Do you garden and bend down a lot? Lindsay will help teach you proper body mechanics like hip hinging so you don't overuse and rely your lower back muscles to bend and reach.  

The possibilities of moving better for life are endless. Book now to live with less pain, more mobility, strength and balance.

When you book a private group class, let Lindsay know what type of class you're interested in: high intensity, a more gentle flow, mobility focused, etc.

Clients Say

move well with lindsay, private yoga
"I worked with Lindsay after my hip replacement. I had just finished my physical therapy sessions, and working one on one with Lindsay was the perfect transition back into daily life and movement. We worked to strengthen and mobilize the hips, so now I can go back to cycling with even less pain than before surgery."
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