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A lifelong mover, Lindsay started dancing at the age of 2 and danced competitively until her early 20s. She began teaching dance in her teen years and continued throughout her early adulthood. As a lover of movement and teaching, Lindsay was drawn to yoga and began teaching in 2015. Her desire to better help her clients and understand the body on a deeper level, led her to LYT Yoga. She became a certified LYT Yoga teacher which completely transformed her teaching and understanding of the body.  LYT Yoga was created by physical therapist, Lara Heiman with a specialization in neurodevelopment. Lindsay's goal is to help all people move better for life. By learning functional movement, some basic anatomy and postural alignment you can move and feel better on and off your mat too. 

Lindsay believes in a holistic approach to the body and wellness and she is always ready to learn more.

Move Well with Lindsay at Dinosaur Caves Park, pismo beach yoga

Movement and Wellness Education:


20+ years of ballet technique and training

500 Hour LYT Method Training (movement method created by a physical therapist)

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Continuing Education courses in:

-The Vagus Nerve

-The Lymphatic System

-The Pelvic Floor and Diastasis

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