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Meet Lindsay
Pre/Post-Natal Movement Specialist


You're Pregnant, or just had a baby- CONGRATULATIONS!

What do I do now?

Learn about your Pelvic Floor

What are where is it? Am I able to feel my pelvic floor muscles lengthen/relax as well as lift/contract?


360 Breathing

Learn how to breathe well using your diaphragm, ribs and pelvic floor together. Inhale- ribcage expands, pelvic floor lengthens

Exhale- ribcage contracts, pelvic floor lifts.


Deep Core engagement

Learn to connect to your deep core stabilizer muscles. The easiest way is by mastering 360 breathing with a strong exhale and you should be able to feel those deep core muscles kick on by the end of the exhale.

move well with lindsay prenatal

How can I help you?

In Person Sessions

If you're on the Central Coast (SLO County), work with me at my home studio for one on one sessions with hands on feedback, personalized movements and education to help you move well during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

Online Sessions

Work with me one on one over zoom and learn how to use your own hands and props to help you get the most out of your personalized prenatal or postpartum movements.

Who would benefit?

You don't have to want an unmedicated birth to benefit from intentional pregnancy movements/postpartum prehab. Pregnancy comes with so many body and postural changes, and if left unattended can lead to common complaints of low back pain, pelvic pain, SI Joint pain and more. When you work with me I teach you simple concepts to be mindful of your posture as you move throughout your day as well as guided movements to mitigate these common discomforts.

What can you expect?

A relaxed, educational and dare I say fun experience where you learn about your body to feel empowered during your pregnancy or postpartum recovery.  While movements and exercises are tailored to the client, I teach all of my clients the fundamentals- learning what a neutral pelvis is, how to coordinate your breath and pelvic floor and how to properly engage your deep core. I want to help you move well for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond!

Why am I so passionate about helping birthing people?


Terrified of birth is pretty much how I would describe how I felt about it since I was a child. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but the thought of "birthing" a baby seemed impossible. Even until by second trimester of pregnancy I never questioned that I would get an epidural (no judgement here). When I was starting to mentally prepare for birth with meditations and breathing exercises, I figured it would be worth a shot to learn more about the physical birthing process and hire a doula. Side note: absolutely get yourself a doula!

When I met my doula, Aryel she educated me on so many aspects of birth I wasn't aware of like hospital policies, the importance of the golden hour after birth and so many other things most birthers aren't aware of prior to birth. I went from being convinced I'd be hooked up to the bed with an epidural to trying to have a no/low intervention birth. I learned about physiological birth, how I could prep my body through movements and breathing, and combined that new knowledge with my very intentional and functional, PT based movement practice. I read books about physiological birth from Midwifes like Ina May Gaskin, practiced pelvic floor lengthening and relaxation, breathwork for pushing, created meditations and affirmations for myself, you name it.

My goal was to educate myself as much as possible so I could feel informed and empowered at my birth (with the help of my wonderful husband and doula).

I had an incredible birth experience and a smooth recovery thanks to a huge village of support, my knowledge of the body and realistic expectations about the 4th trimester. I knew that while "exercise" wasn't cleared before 6 weeks, I had a huge array of gentle, nourishing and healing movements at the ready which helped my body find more balance in the early postpartum days of baby holding, wearing, breastfeeding, etc.

I really wanted to shout from the rooftops that I had a pregnancy where I felt good, strong, mobile and capable because I knew others could feel this way too. You do not need to accept the myth that pregnancy has to be uncomfortable the whole time.

When my daughter was 4 months old I started working towards my level 2 LYT Method certification which included core, breath and pelvic floor modules taught by a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist (DPT).

As of 2024 I am a LYT Method Level 2 certified teacher and I absolutely love applying my knowledge to help you move well for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

"I was 4 years postpartum before I started working with Lindsay online, and that was the first time I could actually feel my core working again after 2 babies."
"Working with Lindsay during my 3rd pregnancy made all the difference! I was so much more comfortable throughout the whole pregnancy, didn't get SI joint pain like my previous pregnancies and had a much smoother recovery after birth-definitely not a coincidence"
"I wish I had worked with Lindsay during my first pregnancy. The stuff we are working on would have been SO helpful the first time around. I love feeling strong through this pregnancy."
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I'm inviting you to ask for or gift something a little different at your next baby shower...

We all love adorable baby clothes, but how about gifting something that will have a much longer lasting quality than a cute onesie? Feel empowered during your birth or postpartum recovery with some guidance from yours truly. I'm available in person, virtually or with on-demand classes specifically for pregnancy and postpartum. Let me help you move well for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.

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In Person (at my home studio)

1 hour $75

45 Minutes $60

On Zoom:

30 minutes: $20


I love sharing what I do so much, I'm leaving this 20 minute class here for you to do any time...

Let’s Work Together!

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