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LYT Method: A High Energy Flow

Get LYT and challenge your brain and body!

  • 1 hour
  • 15 US dollars
  • Dinosaur Caves Park

Class Description

LYT Method is an energetic core based vinyasa class that will challenge your brain and body by creating new movement patterns. We move in all planes of motion around the mat. This class is more challenging than the All Levels classes. You will need a yoga block.


  • Dinosaur Caves Park

    2701 Price Street, Pismo Beach, CA, USA

"I love how each week there is a difference focus. While the movements may be the same, one week we really pay attention to the ribs, another week we focus on the pelvis, the breath, the head position.  It helps me to not get overwhelmed trying to be aware of everything in one class."
"Modifications aren't even the right word, I just love how many options you give for movement during class. It allows us to all explore what feels best in our body in terms of mobility, strength and body awareness. "
"You are always so good at reminding me of the little adjustments I'm not thinking about, like my chin and neck. I can feel a huge different in my posture when I'm more aware of my neck, especially in plank."
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