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Learn the Foundations

These videos will help prepare you for class.  Learn about your pelvis and posture, your body landmarks and diaphragmatic breathing. Familiarizing yourself with these concepts will give you the best start at enjoying and learning during class. Take the full FREE Foundations class (30 minutes) down below. Head to the learn page for breakdowns about the "core", hip anatomy, wrist mobility and more.

Pelvis and Posture

Learn what a neutral pelvis and neutral posture are. Get to know the terms we use in class like pelvic points, triple S, scapula, sacrum and more.

Finding a Neutral Pelvis

Learn how to find a neutral pelvis in a supine position. 

360 Diaphragmatic Breath

Learn how to breathe into your ribs for full diaphragmatic breath.

Learn and practice the foundations in this FREE 30 minute full class

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